Poinsettias. We are launching the distribution campaign.

November 7, 2023

At viveros Guzmán, we are delighted to announce that we have kicked off our Poinsettia distribution campaign, 'Euphorbia pulcherrima.' These beautiful and iconic plants, which embody the Christmas spirit like no other, have been carefully cultivated on our production farms, Nuevo Espacio and Europlantas, with all the love and dedication they deserve. This year, we take pride in presenting an impressive production of 500,000 units, ranging from small sizes in 6-inch pots to majestic formats.

As is customary, in addition to the traditional red Poinsettias, we will supply a wide variety of colors, styles, and formats, creating a burst of Christmas joy in your space. From creamy and soft tones, through charming pinks, to the classic reds and speckled varieties, there's a Poinsettia for every taste and decor!

Our Poinsettias, known for their dazzling foliage and elegant presence, are ready to enchant and add a magical touch to homes and commercial spaces across Spain. To ensure they arrive in their utmost freshness and quality, we have prepared our own fleet of specially equipped trucks, which will be responsible for delivering these gems to large retail stores and garden centers nationwide.

Poinsettias are not just plants; they are ambassadors of the Christmas spirit and the diversity of the season. Their lush foliage serves as a constant reminder of the joy and hope that the holiday season brings.

And as a curious fact, it's important to mention that the Poinsettia, often known as the "Christmas Flower," is not actually a flower at all but a plant with colored leaves called bracts that surround small yellow flowers at its center. These bracts are what give the Poinsettia its distinctive and dazzling appearance. A testament to the fact that beauty can be deceptive but no less impressive! So, when you have one of our Poinsettias in your hands, remember that you're admiring the magic of nature in its most astonishing form/line

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