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Plant producer

Since 1953…

We make what we love,
We love what we do

“One of Europe's major plant producers”

Viveros Guzmán is a family-owned company dedicated to the production and marketing of plants that started its activity in a humble and almost accidental way in 1953 and is currently the Spanish reference company in the sector.
The production of high-quality plants is endorsed by the clients themselves, including freelance gardeners, gardening centers, and several of the largest generalist commercial chains in Europe.

250 hectares of production
3 Gardens Centers
Cash and carry
Biotechnological Laboratory.

We plant, cultivate and market plants

Viveros Guzmán is located in Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga, a strategic location, both for production and logistics.

In the heart of the COSTA DEL SOL, in the southwest of the province of Malaga, Alhaurín de la Torre has a Mediterranean climate and a soil suitable for the production of plant species.

Malaga, Spain,
a strategic place

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From a logistical point of view, Malaga in general and Alhaurín de la Torre in particular has a unique network of land, sea and air transport that allows for optimization in the dispatch of plant species to anywhere in the world.

We have taken on almost impossible challenges in the past, which gives us the confidence to face any logistical challenge. WE SHIP TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, regardless of the technical difficulty that some of the products entail.

Our company has its own fleet of trucks that allows us to control shipments from the origin with all the benefits for the customer that this entails. The products arrive at their destination in optimal conditions, as we adapt the shipment to the particularities of the merchandise.

We have shipped to dozens of countries by ship, plane, train and road. We go wherever the customer wants us to go.

We can ship any merchandise regardless of thermal requirements, size of the merchandise or destination.

Algeciras port | 140 km
Málaga port | 15 km
Málaga International Airport  | 04 km
Highway A7  | 0,1 Km
Renfe Málaga AVE station | 15 km

Production centers

We are the starting point, where the distribution chain begins. We have 250 hectares dedicated to the production of an endless variety of plant species.

We control the entire cultivation process from the origin, so we know when is the optimal time for the product to enter the market and offer the highest quality and guarantee to our customers. Our production centers (farms and nurseries) are mostly located in the south of Spain, and particularly in Malaga.

Garden Centers

We have 3 Garden Centers located in Spanish territory, two of them on the peninsula and one in the Canary Islands. Our Gardens are spaces with diverse services that complement the offer of plants and related products, such as decoration store, restaurant, organic market, Christmas store, etc.

Each one of them is adapted to the idiosyncrasy of the place, trying to satisfy the needs of each location.




Garden Center


Wide assortment of plants in all categories and ceramics.

Garden Center


It has an extensive catalog of plants in all categories, as well as ancillary services such as gastronomic market, restaurant, florist, DIY gardening, furniture store, ceramics, etc.

Garden Center


Great variety of plants in all categories, complemented by a wide range of ceramics, marble, florist, DIY gardening, and garden furniture.


Our company dedicates a great effort to innovation and continuous improvement, offering products with attractive design and packaging for sale in retail businesses.

We identify the unmet needs of the market and create superior quality products with eye-catching design and in line with market trends.

We focus on the development of products with high added value and a great environmental awareness and culture. Our retail products are designed to meet the needs and demands of our most demanding customers. We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, with a focus on sustainability and environmental care. With 'I love plants', customers acquire products with low environmental impact.

Echate flores' focuses on the development of plant groups for retail, focused on specific niches. The brand offers a comprehensive packaging system, attractive labeling, and designed to seduce at the point of sale. We offer high-quality products, attractive design, and in line with market trends.

'I love cactus' focuses on the development of cacti and succulents. We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, with a focus on sustainability and environmental care. Our 'I love cactus' brand offers a comprehensive packaging and attractive labeling system designed to capture customer attention at the point of sale.


Cash & Carry

Cash and Carry is the perfect option for wholesalers and retailers looking for a practical and convenient way to pick up their supplies. We offer a wide variety of high-quality plants, related products, and gardening services.

Nuevo Espacio has facilities equipped with loading docks to facilitate the loading and unloading process.


Big Projects

At Viveros Guzmán, we have an experienced team of environmental designers who are highly trained to develop large projects from concept to final execution.

We take care of all the details, from selecting the appropriate plant species based on the geographical context, to logistics, advice, and final project execution.



Viveros Guzmán started as an avocado producer. In 1988, its founder, Francisco Guzmán, was already planting 30,000 avocados in his Garden in Alhaurín, although this crop was little known at that time. Although the company has grown and diversified its range of products, it still relies on its fruit-growing roots. Currently, Viveros Guzmán produces and markets different types of plants, including tropical, citrus, and stone fruit.



At Viveros Guzmán, we understand innovation from different angles, as we have been innovating in communication and sales channels for decades.
But the traditional form of innovation is the product, and for this purpose, we created Guzmán Biotech in 2017, a plant research center for the in vitro propagation of improved plant species.

Guzmán Biotech is a plant biotechnology laboratory that uses in vitro culture as its main tool for the improvement and micropropagation of plant species with high added value.

It was created in 2017, thanks to Viveros Guzmán's commitment to innovation, one of the most relevant plant producers and distributors in Europe.


Fine-tuning micropropagation protocols of different species that allow exact replicas of propagated individuals to be obtained without the obstacles of seasonality or available space.

Massive plant propagation that allows for thousands of copies to be obtained in very homogeneous batches at practically any time of the year.

Plant sanitation for the obtaining of healthy individuals with higher yield.


Guzman biotech 1

Fruit and Berries


Quality and Environmental Commitment

At Viveros Guzmán, we are aware that many business activities have an impact on people, and ours is no exception. For the past 10 years, we have been working to reduce or mitigate this impact by applying all the means at our disposal.

Waste management: Viveros Guzmán works with recycling companies to ensure that its waste does not harm the environment.

Chemical control: Viveros Guzmán invests in biological control to minimize the use of chemicals and protect the local flora and fauna.

Green energy: Viveros Guzmán has solar panels in its facilities to reduce its energy consumption and plans to expand this initiative in the future.

Sustainable packaging: With the aim of reducing our dependence on plastics and at the same time reducing this waste, we are incorporating new biodegradable materials in both the packaging and the pots used.

At Viveros Guzmán, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. To do this, we work with leading companies in the biological control of pests and diseases, using natural solutions and reducing the use of phytosanitary products. We apply international quality and sustainability standards, such as ISO 9001 and 14001 and MPS. In addition, we implement sustainable practices in our agricultural production, including efficient use of water and energy, biological control, and optimal resource management.

We have obtained the GlobalGAP certification, an international standard that guarantees traceability, environmental responsibility, and labor rights in agricultural production. Obtaining this certification confirms our commitment to sustainability and excellence in agricultural production.


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