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Guzmán Biotech is a plant biotechnology laboratory that uses in vitro cultivation to improve and reproduce plant species with high added value. It is located in Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, and was created in 2017 by Viveros Guzmán, one of the most important plant producers and distributors in Europe. We have extensive experience in the sector, facilities equipped with the latest advances in scientific equipment, and professionals with high qualifications and experience acquired over years at IFAPA.

Our objectives is to become one of the reference research spaces in plant biotechnology in Andalusia, and we focus our efforts on two fundamental areas: research to develop micropropagation protocols for specific species with high strategic value for Viveros Guzmán and other companies, and mass production of plants using this technique.

The research results have been successful in species such as banana, young avocado, philodendron, alocasias, etc., which are being mass propagated in the laboratory. In addition to micropropagation, we apply other in vitro cultivation techniques such as meristem isolation to obtain healthy plants in species such as strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and grapevine. In recent years, due to high market demand, our laboratory has specialized in different berries such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry.

We offer services such as:

1.Development of protocols.

2.Mass plant propagation (micropropagation).

3.Plant sanitation using the meristem isolation technique in vitro.

4.Conservation of plant genetic resources.

5.Disease analytics using ELISA tests.


7.Collaboration with public organizations and private companies in R&D projects.


Using the meristem isolation technique, we obtain individuals free of diseases with better performance.


With the development of micropropagation protocols, we have the ability to multiply 6 varieties of Musa sp., allowing for their mass propagation.


Through micropropagation, we can obtain thousands of copies of varieties such as Phiodendron xanadu and others.


Through micropropagation, we are in the phase of producing thousands of Alpinia plants.


Using this technique, we have the ability to propagate species such as blackberry or raspberry.


This technique allows us to propagate a spotted variety that cannot be reproduced by seeds.


We produce varieties such as Alocasia cucullata, macrorhiza, sarián, calidora, zebrina, etc.


We are in the phase of producing different varieties of Cordyines such as Pink Passion, Purple Tower, etc.


Currently, we propagate patterns from juvenile material from different origins.


We work to optimize the micropropagation protocol of UCB, a pistachio rootstock with high commercial value.

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