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Three leading brands

Our company puts great effort into innovation and continuous improvement, offering products with attractive design and packaging for sale in retail businesses.

We identify unmet market needs and create superior quality products with eye-catching design that align with market trends.

We focus on the development of products with high added value and a great environmental awareness and culture. Our retail products are designed to meet the needs and demands of our most demanding customers. We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, with a focus on sustainability and environmental care. With 'I love plants', customers acquire products with low environmental impact.


'Echate flores' focuses on the development of plant groups for retail, focused on specific niches. The brand offers a comprehensive packaging system, attractive labeling, and designed to seduce at the point of sale. We offer high-quality products, attractive design, and in line with market trends.


'I love cactus' focuses on the development of cacti and succulents. We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, with a focus on sustainability and environmental care. Our 'I love cactus' brand offers a comprehensive packaging and attractive labeling system designed to capture customer attention at the point of sale.


- a brand with a green heart -

I love plants is the umbrella brand for retail, which allows our professional clients to group plant categories under the same environmental motto and culture.

I love plants is more than a brand, it's a war cry, a manifesto that uses the most powerful word ever invented as an argumentative weapon.

Each of the categories is designed to provide a unique brand experience. From labels, packaging, and carry assembly, everything falls under the branding ecosystem of I love Plants.

We design and develop products

Biodegradable pots made from recycled materials with all European certifications.
We have a wide range of products developed under this new brand with a green soul and heart.

Échate flores is the private label for retail distribution. This brand emerged in 2007, using a catchy phrase that played with the polysemic character of the phrases 'fill the box' and 'speak well of yourself.'

A natural evolution has turned it into one of the leading brands in plant distribution.

Échate flores is the reflection of excellence in production processes. Its mission and sole objective is to reach optimal levels of quality in traditionally unbranded products.

Our goal is to offer our customers value-added products, so we proceed with the design process from the conception of ideas, transport system to optimize shipping costs, plant integrity, etc.

Like in other departments of our company, the design team tries to minimize the environmental impact these products could generate during their lifetime.

Product categories

Under the Échate flores umbrella, we have developed certain groups of plants with common attributes and descriptive and attractive names.

For example, Ñañ ñam is a brand with its own identification system for labeling aromatic and edible plants.

With 'I love cactus', we offer a wide variety of products related to cacti and succulents, from plant sets to merchandising systems.

Our brand focuses on this plant category because they are more specialized products, with great potential in the market and work well in large retail spaces, as the characteristics of these plants do not require specialized installations.

Product development

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