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Francisco Guzmán Guzmán in the first shop of the Garden in Alhaurín De la Torre

60 Years of Family Business History

Beginnings in Coín: In 1953, Francisco Guzmán Guzmán began sporadically and occasionally trading in fruit trees, an activity he shared with selling nougat at local fairs.

Growth in Coín: In 1958, Francisco Guzmán Guzmán established himself on a farm in Coín where he planted a small orchard of fruit trees and citrus and devoted himself exclusively to growing fruit tree seedlings.

Expansion to Alhaurín de la Torre:
In 1972, his son Francisco Guzmán García established himself in Alhaurín de la Torre where he planted tropical fruit trees and established the family business permanently.

Business evolution: In 1981, the business diversified and expanded internationally, offering varied products in both plants and decorative elements.

Specialization and modernization: In 1995, the business specialized in production and retail sales and modernized to improve quality and customer service.

Separate production and retail sales: In 1998, production was separated from retail sales and the focus was solely on plant production at the Lagar de las Pitas and Cortijo Blanco farms (Alhaurín de la Torre).

International projection: In 1999, the foundation was laid for the internationalization of the company by participating in the world's most important international buying and selling markets.

Production of subtropical and exotic plants: In 2000, a part of the production was specialized in exotic and large-scale varieties.

Specialization in rose production: In 2007, Europlantas was established as a production center with modern facilities at the forefront of intensive production of flower plants, especially roses, begonias, poinsettias, and cyclamens.

Opening of Cash & Carry: In 2008, the Nuevo Espacio center for gardening professionals was opened in Alhaurín de la Torre.

Gardening Center in Marbella: In 2010, the company established a gardening center in Marbella to serve customers on the coast with the same personality and character as in Alhaurín de la Torre.

International production: In 2014, farms for the production of native plants were established in Costa Rica for export.

Gardening Center in Tenerife: In 2015, Floracanaria was established as a gardening center in Tenerife, expanding to the Canary Islands.

Biotechnology Laboratory: In 2017, Guzmán Biotech was created due to market specifications increasingly interested in quality products and the development of new production protocols, focusing on research, in vitro propagation of plants, and acclimatization for export of strawberry and red fruit varieties.


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