Fall Plant Shipment for International Retail Chain

October 18, 2023

At Viveros Guzmán, we have been hard at work preparing a selection of fall plants for one of our most prominent clients, an international retail chain that is a leader throughout Spain. This collaboration fills us with pride and enables us to bring the beauty of nature to their stores across the country during the autumn season.

This assortment of fall plants includes a wide variety of carefully chosen species, such as Calluna vulgaris, Calluna vulgaris 'Beauty Ladies Quattros,' Chrysanthemum indicum, Chrysanthemum indicum, Cyclamen persicum midi Latinia®, and Erica gracilis. These plants will add a touch of color and freshness to homes and gardens throughout the country, thanks to our client's 133 centers.

We are confident that users will appreciate the excellence and dedication in plant production that is evident in each species we have prepared.

The fall plants we have supplied will be available in all of this retail chain's stores throughout Spain in a matter of hours, highlighting the significant logistical effort and coordination with our client.

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