Biological Pest Control

November 23, 2023

Viveros Guzmán Sets an Environmental Excellence Standard with its Biological Control Initiative alongside Koppert

Viveros Guzmán, in collaboration with Koppert, a leader in the biological control industry, has launched a prominent initiative focused on biological pest control, marking a significant milestone in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and ensuring the health of both plants and consumers.

Instead of relying on pesticides with potential harmful chemical residues, Viveros Guzmán has implemented an innovative strategy by using beneficial insects to address pests naturally. This tactic not only ensures the optimal health of our plants but also plays a key role in the overall reduction of chemical usage in agriculture.

The observation of small remnants of inert material on the leaves of our plants is an expected phenomenon, originating from the mineral substrate used to protect beneficial insects during transportation. It is crucial to highlight that this material is entirely sustainable and ecological, with no adverse impact on the health of plants or people, ensuring that our plants reach consumers in their healthiest state.

Opting for our plants with biological control involves an active commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting global health. At Viveros Guzmán, we take pride in leading the green revolution, offering not only healthy and aesthetically pleasing plants but also contributing to a more sustainable future for all. Every choice made supports a healthier and more balanced world.

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